Outsource Animation Studio

Quantic Animation is an external animation studio specialising in covering any project no matter what stage it is in, from pre-production to post-production. We are used to working with teams from all over the world and are able to be integrated as a member of your team.

Animation production company

Meet Quantic Animation!

We are the perfect Animation production Company to delegate your animation project to. We work independently with the best artists, supervisors and production team, as well as the latest tools on the market.

You decide how you want to work, you will be the one who decides how involved you want to be in the part of the project you have contracted us for.


We work online and freelance, we are experts in this field. This allows us to offer the best delivery times and adapt to the client’s pipeline.


Quantic Family – Wait! We are not finished yet. Once we finish your project our relationship doesn’t end here. As a client of our animation outsource company you will have access to our VIP area, where you will be able to learn the animation techniques we use through tutorials, learn about and invest in the projects we are carrying out.

Animation services

Reality made fiction or fiction made reality. We design 3D animation environments in high definition and with all technical standards optimized.

Original 2D character designs and environments based on offering an unbeatable user experience. Send us your idea and we will turn it into reality..

The characters of a story are a decisive point in the development of any project. Our art and design team is in charge of creating charismatic characters whether they are cartoon, realistic or fantastic characters.

Outsource Animation studio

Your outsource animation studio of reference

Tell us about your project and we can give you a first expert assessment, where you will see the artistic and development possibilities and how we will manage the whole process to complete it successfully, meeting all your requirements.

Start working with a creative team with extensive experience in the international animation sector.