3D Animation Studio

3D Animation Studio

Quantic Animation offers 3D environment design services. Whether you need to animate a video or a game, our animation team is able to create amazing exterior and interior scenes.

We adapt to our client’s story and capture every detail so that the result is exactly as expected.

Our 3D artists are highly experienced in bringing any idea to life with the best quality, high definition, textures, lighting and a final result designed to amaze your audience.

3D Animation Outsourcing Services

3D Character Animation

We cover all phases of 3D character design. From the first designs to how it will interact with the environment. Our designers have extensive experience generating realistic characters.

3D Props Animation

Stories need other objects to complement them, in some projects they are the main axis of the story. We design the props to achieve results with high definition and a high level of detail.

3D Environment Animation

We create the scenario of the story with 3D graphics to make it as realistic as possible, taking into account the needs of our client. We leave nothing to chance, lighting, textures, colours, shapes… Everything designed to achieve a stylised result.

3D Animation video company

We also produce 3D videos for commercials, our team of integrated communication professionals ensure a clear message is conveyed through the animation. We take care of the whole process, we only need the concept you want the video to have and you will be able to see how the whole process evolves, as you can choose the degree of involvement you want to have during its production.

How we work with 3D animation at Quantic Animation


As a 3D animation studio that provides outsourcing services, we know the importance of internet security and no competence. Our security policy allows us to work online using secure VPN connections, encrypted servers, and NDA and Non-competence contracts.

Performance first

At Quantic Animation we strive to ensure that all projects are optimized for playback. In the case of animation for games, we carry out the necessary tests so that the designs perform perfectly in the different game engines.

Specialists for your project

Depending on the needs of the project for which you hire us, we configure the team that will work on it. This is a great advantage for the final client as it has a team composed of project manager, art director, technical artist, lead 3d artist, 3D environment artists and 3D concept artist.

Do you have questions about our 3D animation studio services?

Contact us and we will see how we can help you develop your project. At Quantic Animation we are experts in working with multidisciplinary teams and we love to take on new challenges.